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Afro-Caribbean Music & Dance Institute

Let's enjoy the dance togather!!

MERENGUE & BACHATA : Standard/Dominican Club Style
Merengue & Bachata is a kind of music and dance were born in Dominican Republic
The method of the steps is the same as walking, and it's easily than others for BeginnerI
It is possible to do an easy way, and to do a difficult way.

SALSA & CHA-CHA FNY On2/On1/Latin Club On3/Cuban Style
It is a kind of music and dance that arose between Latinos who migrated to NY especially Puerto Ricans
Let's dance cool as the musics that shakes the soulI

Let's dance fasionable as Bossa nova without any inhibitions
It's called as Brazilian Tango because of the system of dance.

ZOUK-LOVE (as slow LAMBADA) : Brasilian Porto Seguro Style
It's a very very Beautiful & Comfortble music & danceI
Zouk-Love becomes popular in the world around Europe from over 15 years ago.
We can dance Zouk-Love even by the tune of reggae and R&B.
Roots of music are in Caribbean and Africa,
There are a lot of French and Portuguese of lyrics of the song,
How to dance was born in Brasil from Lambada.
The variation of the how to dance looks like Casino (is a kind of Cuban Salsa style) but more relaxing.
Because the way to move is very natural,
it is useful also for a technological of other dances improvement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I valuing the Basic and the Smile then teach politely and well knows about human body systems,
It is very important practiced that any lesson and everyone be can dance.
I'll teach a lot of simple points to you during the lesson.

Now I'm gathering people who wants to challenge some dance performance.
First of all, please inquire to SUNAO.


***Private Lesson*** Progress is inevitable!!

@Lesson Fee c It's as a trial price only now !! \5,000_/50min

Separately, transportation (actual expenses) and studio fee are necessary.
You can get & use an advantageous coupon. (\23,000_/5 times/6 months available)
@The business trip is received (Private and Group lesson are also possible).
@First of all, please inquire.


@SUNAO@Cell: +(81)-90-2769-6002
@@@@@@@ Contact to:

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